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PostSubject: FT Guide   FT Guide Icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2008 7:37 pm

[Source: http://forum.playpark.vn/showthread.php?t=19738 Vietnamese version, going to attempt to translate this]

Dungeon Name: Forgotten Temple
Requirements: lvl 115 and Muster Card: Forgotten Temple - B1F
Duration: 50 min
Note: Dungeon mobs won't respawn in this dungeon

1. Press on the hour glass to turn off the fire wall
FT Guide 1

2. As you step up the stairs on the left there is a figure you can click on [sorry no picture for this one]

3. Keep going forward, you will meet a wall of fire that is blocking a bridge. Just wait until it goes down and pass by. Then keep moving forward until you cannot go forward anymore. Click on the monument on the left.
FT Guide 2

4. Keep moving forward. Press on this next monument
FT Guide 3

5. This next part. If you have less than 1000 defense u should turn on BM+aura. You will need to break down the wall of fire while being shot at by monuments on the sides
FT Guide 4

After you destroy the wall of fire. Keep moving forward and kill the oblivion to continue with the quest. These mobs have high def and can melee/range; however, their atk rate arent that great.
FT Guide 5

After you kill all the oblivion. Go forward until u get to the next wall of fire. Click on the snake monument on the right to advance ur quest and teleport in. Note: each member has to click on the right monument to teleport in. Don't try to run pass the wall of fire it wont happen ^^
FT Guide 6

In the next room, you have to kill the mini boss - Nesbite. At the same time in each corner of the room, there will be a Serpent that spawn. You will have about 5 seconds to kill the serpent, or it will activate the laser and most likely 1 hit you. The serpent spawn goes in clockwise manner. So you dont have to guess where he will spawn next. If you are solo-ing you can drag the boss around clockwise. If you are in a party you can drag him or have 1-2 people work clockwise to kill the serpent.
FT Guide 7

After you kill the boss. Click on the altar in the middle of the room to open the way to the next hallway. Go forward and clear the hallway to get quest items.

Once you get to the end of the hallway look on the left side there is a beetle box. Break it to get the Mutant Record. Note: each member in the party needs one.
FT Guide 9

After you get ur mutant record work ur way backward. Talk to the monument on 2nd picture to open a door. Talk to the researcher behind the door. Pay him 1 mil and get the Epaulet +300 Hps and +500 def.
FT Guide 10

FT Guide 11

Once you get ur epaulet. Go back and into the room to kill all the mobs that will spawn. Occasionally click on the wall of fires to try to break them. Break them when you can.
FT Guide 12

After you can go into the next room. Make sure you have at least 2 SP bars (if not 3). This next boss requires u to kill him in certain amount of time or he will fully regenerate. He will also turn on a shield occasionally. Once he turns on his shield, get off the platform to the stairs. Kill all the mobs that respawn at the stairs and then attack the boss again. Just keep doing that back and forth, and he should die. Furthermore, once his shield is turned on, the faster you kill the guards, the more time you will have to hit the boss before the shield goes back up
FT Guide 13

Here's possible position for people to stand while fighting the boss.
FT Guide 14

After you kill the boss, take off the Purify Epaulette and use ur A.C. Transmutter to break it to get a quest item. Talk to the stone behind where the boss stood to teleport you to the next room.
FT Guide 15

This long hallway has fire cannons that will shoot at you while you run by. With a defense of 800-900, they will hit you for about 200-300. If you need to, you might want to turn on BM and/or aura to run by. Once you get to the end of the hallway, you will need to break a wall of fire down to go into the next room (while being shot at by the cannons)
FT Guide 16

Once you get into the next room. Find a corner to get all of your party gather there. All those stone monuments mobs will spawn in different batch and just clear the room.
FT Guide 17

After the room is clear go into the next hallway and kill all the Groga
FT Guide 18

Once you clear the Groga, you can enter the next hallway to the last boss' room. Make you have enough SP (2 maybe 3) before going in. The last boss you have couple minutes to kill him. If you don't kill him, he will disappear and a bunch of mobs will spawn. Once the boss respawn, the boss will get stronger. The boss will get stronger by each respawn.
FT Guide 19

After you kill the boss, there is an altar at the back of the room. When you click it the dungeon will be over and you will be teleported back out. Make sure you get ur chests (if u have picked up keys along the way). There are 3 possible keys (red, blue, green). Each key has a different serie of box to click before u can open the chest room. The location of the chest room is between the Mutant Record and Researcher.
FT Guide 20
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FT Guide
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